Progress so far…

We’ve been in our new home for almost a month now, and we’ve made lots of progress. The first thing we did (Friday evening after we closed) was start ripping out the carpets. We tore our brown carpet in the living room, red carpet in the bedroom, formerly beige carpet on the landing and in the closets, and bright green carpeting in the guest bedroom. Who knew that removing carpeting was so much work! First you have to tear out the carpets, then the padding, then the tack strips and then you pull up all the staples. Our hands and muscles were so sore! The pile of carpet, etc. on our porch was ridiculous. We forgot to take a picture of it, but here’s one of us tearing out the living room carpet.
And here’s one of the finished product, please pardon our dust.
One of the other things we did first off was to take pictures of every part of the house so we can track our progress. It’s encouraging to look back at them when we’re really tired and see how much we’ve accomplished just in this short time. Next time I post I hope to have some pictures of the bathroom, as we are almost done with that. Yay!

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