Yay! No more red brick!

So the previous owners had interesting taste, to say the least. :-) We’re not sure what they were thinking as we look at various “decorative” projects throughout the house. I have to admit, when we bought the house, the upstairs bathroom was my least favorite room. I didn’t see much hope for it and figured I would just have to grin and bear it. These original pics testify to the former hideousness:

Terrible, just terrible. At night it was really creepy, using the toilet in that dark little hovel was just… terrible. :-) Oh, and the tile looks clean in these pictures but I decided after five hours of scrubbing this bathroom that it had, in fact, never been cleaned. Anyways, here’s a couple of pics of the makeover process,

and here’s the final product!!! Isn’t it just beautiful? It is such an improvement on what we started with. For those who are curious; we removed the flourescent light fixture and the surrounding brick and dark wood, painted the walls with a beige granite paint, painted the brick white, removed the shower doors, scrubbed everything (did I mention that?) replaced the drawer pulls on the vanity and got a new mirror and light fixture. Oh, and it doesn’t show in the picture, but Luke fixed the fan/exhaust so it doesn’t sound like a woman being tortured in the Spanish Inquisition any more. :-D yay for that. So yes, we’re proud of our little project. Yes, we want a pat on the back. :-)

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  1. Kim says:

    I love the brick painted white! So bright and airy – you are right, what a difference.

    And, what WERE they thinking putting red brick in a bathroom? I have a soft spot in my heart for brick… but not in the bathroom.

    Will you come over to my house and clean my bathroom? I hate cleaning my bathroom so much, I avoid it at all costs. =) The next owners of our house might be wondering if we ever cleaned… haha.

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