Project Curb Appeal

Summer is finally here, and it will be gone before we know it, especially in this cloudy quaint town we call home. We’re lucky if we get two good months of hot weather and sun, so there’s not a moment to lose!

Project Curb Appeal is well on its way this summer at Wendhurst Castle. While the castle currently looks like this,

We’ve brainstormed up a lovely makeover on a dime that will really make our castle stand tall with pride. (Ok, so we’re already the tallest house on the street. Sheesh, let me dream a little, will ya?)

Anyways, after playing around in Photoshop the other day, I came up with this mockup of our redone exterior.

The Plan:

  • Have the stucco professionally powerwashed to get rid of muck, dirt and mold. Eww!
  • Paint the door, windowsills and gables in a soft forest-y green to coordinate with the yellow stucco. (No more orange, hurrah!) Paint the front porch floor too.
  • Replace the porch light fixture
  • Replace the old, broken down, mostly dead evergreen bushes.
  • Repair the concrete stairs.
  • Add some nice landscaping to the front.
The Players:
  • Obviously, a pro powerwasher. We considered trying to do this ourselves, but given the fact that our house is 27 feet tall, we put out the white flag and called in the pros.
  • Some nice exterior paint in greens and tans.
  • A shiny new light fixture (preferably one that is kind of old looking, actually)
  • A plethora of bright green boxwoods, to replace the yucky old evergreeens.
  • Concrete and water to make new stairs that are not a hazard.
  • Purple petunias and salvia, yellow marigolds and daylilies, and some showy clematis to liven things up in front.
So what do you think? Have we left anything out? Think we can get all this done by the end of the summer? :-D
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