Friday Favs: New York City

We checked in on Sunday to our hotel in Manhattan, and shortly after that discovered that the view from our window looked like this:

Yup, that is the Empire State Building. We’re on the 25th floor, so we have a great view. We also need a key card to access our floor. How fun is that? :-)

Of course, this is what the Building looks like right now, with the mega snowstorm. Let me just say, that storm is seriously cramping my shopping plans. :-)

What do you love about NYC?

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One Response to Friday Favs: New York City

  1. jen says:

    kate’s paperie!! find one, and give yourself some time to drool/browse for a while! Also, the Container Store is there somewhere…I bet you get ideas galore for you home office redo!

    It’s been so very long since I’ve been to NYC…have always wanted to go and spend a solid week or two, but never have…”lucky” you!

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