111 Things In 1/11: Week One

I am so excited about this very first week of getting rid of stuff! :-) I hope you are too. I still had houseguests this week, so I kept my clutter busting insanity to a minimum. I simply pulled things out as I went through the house normally, and ended up with a little pile at the end of the week. Not typically how I purge the house, but it worked out fine. Here’s my pile of stuff going to Goodwill. (A few items will just go straight to the garbage :)

I got rid of:

  1. Old photography book
  2. Outerwear vest
  3. CD holder
  4. Cabinet lighting that never worked
  5. Old checks
  6. Broken Battery Charger
  7. Recipe Book
  8. Silicone Trivet
  9. Tea Ball that let out all the tea :-)
  10. Chip Clip
  11. Glass Vase

12-18 Old Set of Steak Knives

19-25 Miscellaneous Jewelry items

26-28 Christmas Ornaments I don’t want anymore

Whew! It feels good to see that pile of stuff that won’t be taking up room in my house anymore. I can’t wait to see all of the stuff you’ll be getting rid of! Link up and visit other blogs too so we can all encourage each other to continue this process of purging our junk!

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7 Responses to 111 Things In 1/11: Week One

  1. Shannon says:

    That’s how I started too, just walking around my house. It’s amazing how much stuff I found to get rid of! Thanks for hosting the challenge!

  2. Great job!! My efforts haven’t been worthy of a post quite yet, but I will get there!!! Thanks for inspiring me to get rid of some serious junk. :)

  3. Emily says:

    Great start! It’s amazing how good it feels to purge.

  4. Jenna says:

    I kind of like the ‘walking around the house’ method–it doesn’t feel like a huge task. It’s more casual and . . .sprightly is the word that comes to mind. Thanks for starting this initiative! It’s veeeery satisfying. And needed.

  5. Eva says:

    I am so glad you started this party! I’ve gotten little accomplished, but I have high hopes for the weekend. Now if I can just stop oohing and ahhing over everyone’s purge piles!

  6. Lauren E. says:

    Awesome start! My cold really slowed me down this week but I am totally in next week!! :)

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