111 Things in 1/11: Week Four

This is it! Our last post about our month long purge. It has been really neat to do this with our whole group, and get to see everyone’s progress. How motivating is it to think of all of the junk we have gotten rid of out of our houses?

So here is my last pile. I had finished going through the main areas of the house, so this pile is a result of sorting and purging in book shelves, closets and attics.

Here’s what I got rid of:

One pillow insert

Two old throw pillows

One bathing suit coverup

Two picture frames

One decorating book

Camera filters

Three used up candles

Four Wax melts that don’t like to melt

Two candle plates

I also sold a bunch of stuff on eBay this week. I sold photo mailers, and i-pen, a router, batteries, an old digital camera, jewel cases, and two webcams.

So my total for this week? 24 items. So my total for the month is 125 items! How fun is that? I am excited to have all this purging done. There’s room in my cabinets and closets, and I feel like I have made even more progress in having a home that is only filled with beautiful things that I love.

I can’t wait to see the last of the things you have gotten rid of, so link up and show off your piles!

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5 Responses to 111 Things in 1/11: Week Four

  1. Shannon says:

    I made it back for the last round! Thanks so much for hosting, you’re totally right about only having things you love. I’m trying to keep that mindset as I blow through every nook and cranny in my house!

  2. Mary-Carolyn says:

    Thanks so much for having this challenge! I had a blast, and I’m inspired to keep paring down and live with only the things I love, use and need. Oh! And I’ve found some great blogs in the process!

  3. Jenna says:

    You should seriously think about hosting a spring cleaning version 3 months down the road. Seriously. It’s so motivating to ‘have to’ do this because I’m participating with others. Thanks for inviting me to do this Jenny! It was fabulous.

  4. Kath says:

    Hey Jenny!

    The Linky link was giving me issues, so I’m linking here. Thanks SO MUCH for starting this…it kept me motivated even tho I didn’t post a weekly update!

    Here’s my link :-)


  5. Gillian says:

    I just wanted to thank you for hosting such a great challenge! What a wonderful way to start the year. I totally second a spring cleaning follow-up session…just in case we fall off the band wagon :)

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