Day 29: This Too Shall Pass

I think one of the hardest parts of being a mom is getting stuck in the now. Especially when the now is dealing with teething, no sleep, diaper rash, temper tantrums, etc. It’s so hard to maintain perspective on how quickly this whole phase will be over when your tiny human is screaming louder than you’ve ever heard a person scream before. Or covers himself in yogurt and applesauce IMMEDIATELY after you bathed him. Or doesn’t want to be put down – ever.

Those times are really hard. It’s trying, and it’s tempting to lose your cool and yell back. Let me tell you, apologizing to your ten month old is a humbling experience. We all have the things that really frustrate us and irritate us. We’re human. But here’s the thing. It will be over too soon. I think of the phrase “this too shall pass” multiple times a week. I won’t be changing diapers forever. I won’t have a 25lb boy on my hip at all times. I’ll sleep as much as I want, whenever I want. The hard baby days will be over soon. (just in time for hard toddler days!)

The flip side is this. The good days go by just as quickly. There was a couple of weeks when Javi would laugh hysterically the entire time I changed him into his pajamas. The greatest little baby giggles and guffaws you ever heard. Now he prefers to be on the move whenever possible. There was a time when he slept contentedly in my arms no matter what. Now he likes his bed almost as much as me, and happily cuddles up in it at nighttime. Nursing used to be all he needed for sustenance, now he gobbles down all sorts of other yummy foods.

Whatever it is, good or bad, it’s going to be over soon. So do your best to live in the present and soak up the good days. Buckle down and get through the bad days. And remember that no matter what, this too shall pass.

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