Summer Livin’

So the heat wave finally broke today, and we spent the morning outside doing yard work , playing with balls and taking pictures. (side note: apparently yard work is not all one word? did not know that) This latest stretch of 90 degree days helped all the blackberries in the back of our yard to ripen up perfectly, and for some unknown reason the birds are leaving them alone this year! A certain small someone has discovered that the berries are at just the right height for helping yourself. Oh the joys of being a toddler! A self serve snack bar right outside your door! Does life get any better?

Ball cap, cutey pants shorts and no shirt. I can’t handle the cuteness.

He only ate the ripe ones, leaving the red ones on to finish cooking. That boy is a smartypants.

Tiny fingers. Oy. Good thing I am already preggers again, these pictures make me want a million pint size kiddos running around.

Javi, are you eating blackberries?

Just a couple more from back here,

the best way to eat them is to smoosh them all in at once.

CANNOT handle the cuteness. SRSLY. :)

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