Day 12: The Week in Review

Favorite Moment of the Week: Our first really, truly date night without either kiddo. We enjoyed some sub par food and excellent conversation and had a great time reconnecting with each other!

What Javi is Doing:  Adding even more words like sticker! my chair! medicine! Being a wonderful big brother by holding Kaykay’s hand, giving her kisses, and bringing her a tissue when she sneezes.

What Keilana is doing: Holding her head up like a champ, avoiding tummy time by rolling over, giving big smiles and having little conversations with us.

What I’m doing: Working to have the right perspective on getting things done throughout our days. The newborn phase is difficult for me, and the lack of sleep got to me this week. Next week I’ll be doing my best to remember that I need to take it one day at a time!


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