Day 24: 0n Teatime

I have very special memories of growing up that involved my mom and I drinking lots of cups of tea from fancy tea cups. I don’t remember doing it before I was a teenager, but I have countless memories of our “tea parties” once we moved to Spain. We would brew up a pot of tea, pull out our English china tea cups, set a pretty table and sit down to talk. We’d sip our tea and talk for hours. It was during those years that my mom was not just my “mom” but she also became my friend.

We had so much fun on our travels picking out a new beautiful tea cup; we bought genuine English Porcelain Cups in London, England, and Russian china on a trip to France. We bought beautiful napkins and tablecloths in the little shops of Zaragoza. We bought the neatest little nesting cup and pot with a toile pattern in another little store.

So needless to say, I am excited about sharing that tradition with my kids as they grow up. I would like it to be a time when we can practice our manners, create special memories, and of course – talk!

Yesterday, Javi fell out of bed (he’s up on a regular bed frame now) about 45 minutes into his nap. I went upstairs to check on him, and while he was unharmed, the nap was history. So I brought him downstairs with me and got us settled on the couch. After a few minutes I decided to make a cup of tea, and my little shadow followed right behind me. I looked down into those blue eyes and thought, today is the perfect day for some tea for both of us!

So we sat on the couch and drank our tea (he didn’t spill a drop) and we had a great time. Javi was so excited to be drinking tea¬†with me. He pointed to my cup ( Mommy tea!) and then his (Javi tea!) over and over with a huge smile. It made my afternoon.


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