Day 25: 0n Those Strange Feelings

This week was a good week. With the exception of a few whiny moments, (mine, not the kiddos!) I felt like my attitude was right this week and that made everything both easier to handle and more fun along the way. Plus, Keilana started sleeping in 7+ hour stretches at night, and let me tell you, that feels amazing.

This morning I woke up as Lover left for work, and both kiddos were still asleep. I had time to read, pray a little, make myself some tea and shower before Javi woke up. And then, I had time to change him, dress us both, put on my makeup and feed us breakfast before Keilana woke up.

We ran errands for tomorrow (we’re having a little celebration for Keilana) and then I made lunch, gave Javi a bath, fed Keilana and put them both down for naps. As I was walking back downstairs, a strange feeling came over me. As I paused to examine the feeling, I realized that I was happy. Just plain happy. Not happy but tired. Not happy but in pain. It was a relief and it felt amazing.

Keilana will be two months old in 3 days. She is the sweetest baby. She already has huge smiles (although I’ll be darned if I can catch one with my camera!) and does her very best to communicate through little coos and gurgles. Javi loves her to death, and he’s growing by leaps and bounds. He charges into any situation without a shred of fear, and is constantly learning new things. He makes half a dozen friends on any given day that we run errands. His friendliness and happiness amaze me.

I like being a mom. I like that, even though there are really, really hard days when I want to run out the door screaming, it’s something so worthwhile. I like that it’s stretching me and growing me in ways that I never could have imagined. I’m glad that God blessed me with two sweet little kiddos, and that he trusts me to raise them right. And I’m glad that I’m getting more sleep. ;-)


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