Day 27: 0n Losses

It’s so easy for me to dwell on my losses. Loss of sleep. Loss of food options for dinner.  I’m trying to narrow down a possible dairy sensitivity in Keilana, so I’m trying to cut out as much dairy as possible without becoming neurotic. She also has thrush, so I’m limiting my sugar intake as well to starve the yeast. I had already given up chocolate a few weeks ago when she woke up covered in baby acne from the top of her head to her armpits.

 I could grieve the loss of free time,  or, more importantly to me, alone time. I could bemoan the fact that a quick, simple trip to the store is no longer quick, nor simple.

But all that does is get me depressed about the supposedly negative things in my life. I’d rather be happy! :-)  So I’m doing my best to reshape my perspective on these things. Keilana is sleeping so much more than I expected, and I no longer feel like a zombie. All of the diet restrictions are forcing me to eat healthy, which is helping lose the baby weight, and maybe even a little more, if I’m really lucky :-).

I’m infinitely more grateful for the times that I do get alone, and I soak up every moment instead of wasting them. I’m so grateful to Lover for making sure I get that time to recharge, often times at the expense of our time together.

And when I really stop to consider the nuts and bolts of our day to day life, I’m reminded that we are so very, incredibly, blessed. My children are absolute treasures. Beautiful, happy, healthy children. My husband is the best a girl could ask for. He is my endless source of strength and encouragement. And so I find that I don’t really miss these “losses” in the midst of the blessings. Okay maybe the chocolate. I miss that a little. :-)



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