Friday Favs Vol. 25

Happy July 1st! June was another busy month for us, it seemed like it just flew by in a haze of hot summer days, little projects and preparations for family vacation.
The botanic gardens here in Denver had a free day and we met up with some friends to explore the gardens. We chatted about how last year this time I was hugely pregnant with Declan and how much can change in a year! Last year the kids wanted to ride in the bucket train pulled by a John Deere but I said no since I was pretty sure I would get stuck in one of the buckets. This year we rode them, which thrilled the kids to no end, and we took our little friend along whose mom was taking a turn being the pregnant one!


We’ve been garage saleing like crazy this month, taking advantage of all of the rock bottom prices for kids’ clothes, shoes, and kitchen gadgets. I also found some antique trucks that I am trying to sell on eBay, which I am pretty excited about. At one of the sales we found this huge cardboard castle for $1. We set it up in the garage and it provided hours of fun. It’s just about on its last leg now, but it was well worth the 100 pennies we spent on it!


These three. Three peas in a pod, the three musketeers, three bundles of silliness. This is what happens when I tell them to smile for the camera. Stinkers.



Declan started walking at the beginning of last month, but only a few steps here and there. His lightning fast crawl was still his preferred method of getting around. But this month everything clicked and his walking improved SO much. By the end of family vacation he was practically running. He’s still a little guy, so people are always shocked when they see him stand up and start running around! His birthday is next week and I have no idea where the last year has gone. He’s such a silly, funny, fiery little guy, and I’m so glad we get to have him!

Family Vacation! We drove overnight (terrible idea!) to Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the end of the month to see Lover’s family. Everyone was there except for his brother, and it was a fun week full of singing, food, noise and cousins! 11 of the 13 were there, and a good time was had by all. :)







While we were in Wisconsin I got to sneak away for a couple of hours and tour the Pabst Mansion. It was awesome! The woodwork, the extravagance, the marble bathrooms… the hardware! Oh my goodness the hardware! I loved it all. :)

We’ve spent the last week unpacking, doing laundry and trying (and failing!) to catch up on sleep. Now we’re heading into July which promises to be another exciting month! Every day is an adventure around here!


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