Welcome to Aslan’s House

So. It’s been a minute since I posted, yes? Life has been full of lots of things, but obviously not blogging. :) After my last post in August, we went gang busters on getting our house ready to sell, spent a week in Breckenridge while the house had showings, sold our house, looked for a new one, bought a new house, and moved the Saturday before November.

Then we hosted Thanksgiving, had almost a month of company, got wildly sick with bronchitis (all six of us!) celebrated Christmas and went to sleep at 10pm on New Year’s Eve. Then, since life had not been crazy enough, or perhaps for exactly that reason, we loaded up all four kids into the van and drove 18 hours to California to visit my brother for two weeks. Those two weeks allowed me to catch my breath and start to feel normal again, and after another 18 hour road trip we are now back in Denver and I’m feeling somewhat organized and caught up on life. Marginally. Got all that?

So, I thought it was high time to introduce you to our new house. We had a really specific list of requirements for the new house, and Aslan’s house ticked every box. We wanted something still in our neighborhood, a much better layout for hosting friends and a private space for guests that would be separate from the daily commotion of our current life.

So let’s get to it, shall we? Welcome to Aslan’s House.



This was one of those houses where we walked in through the front door and got really excited. We knew before going to see it that living here would require some creativity, so we were trying to not get our hopes up too quickly. But walking in we just immediately loved the feel of this house, and we were really motivated to make it work!






Immediately when you walk in the front door you are on the side of the house with the vaulted ceiling and the “great room” as we call it. The living room is open to the dining room beyond it, the stairs are on the left and you can catch a glimpse of the loft upstairs. We really liked that big bay window at the front of the house, and how open everything felt.

The dining room is a smidge bigger than our previous dining area, and it is much more comfortable to host dinners than before. This part of the house has two skylights  – the light in this house is just incredible. How do you like those three big mirrors on the wall in the dining area? We use them to keep tabs on the kids when they’re playing in the fireplace room, and they think we are the smartest parents ever. Don’t tell them our secret!



The wall that the buffalo picture is the kitchen wall, and that doorway to the left leads to a little hallway with the stairs down to the basement, the powder room and a closet. Beyond the kitchen, tucked away in the back of the house is the fireplace room, which is a cozy room that gets great light and is open to the kitchen. It makes cooking super enjoyable, because the kids can be playing in the room, and you can still be a part of everything that’s going on.




The kitchen is a great size, not overly large and difficult to clean, but big enough to spread out, have counter space and not feel completely on top of each other. Love that window overlooking the backyard.



So that’s the downstairs, let’s head upstairs, shall we? Upstairs is super cozy and we have big plans to make the whole space work a little better for us. I won’t get into all that right now though! Upstairs are two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a big loft area that is currently a multi purpose area for us.









And lastly we have the master “suite”. It’s a gorgeous room with another vaulted ceiling, plenty of space, our first walk-in closet! and an en suite master bathroom. And – you can see the Rocky Mountains from our windows! Gah! I’m loving it. We call it our retreat, and believe you me, at the end of another long, full day, we are so happy to “retreat!”




So that’s it! There’s also an unfinished basement that we will finish and turn into a guest suite, and a great backyard with a deck and space for the kids to play. As you can see, I’ve got plenty of projects ahead of me; wallpaper stripping, painting, changing out light fixtures and more wallpaper stripping. :) There’s even wallpaper in the master closet! So that’s our new house, and we’re loving it. It felt like home right from the get go, and as we settle in more it’s only getting better!



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