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Welcome to Words on Wendhurst! Thanks for stopping by. This little blog has a special place in my heart. It’s where I try to document the very full and blessed life that I live. You’ll notice that posting is usually sporadic; that’s because I’m usually all caught up in living this crazy beautiful life we lead.

My name is Jenny, and I’m the homemaker, husband lover, and snuggle giver around here. I married the love of my life in 2006, and spent a year and a half living in a tiny basement apartment with a couch made out of storage totes and a $20 dining room table. We purchased Wendhurst Castle in 2008. It was love at first sight, even though that sight was awfully scary in some rooms!

We spent five years together traveling all over while Lover worked (to exotic destinations like the Meadowlands, NJ and White Plains, NY), and “de-Italianizing” Wendhurst when we were home.We ripped down wallpaper and painted wall with gallons and gallons of Kilz primer. We’ve ripped out more mirrors and carpeting than any house should ever have to put up with.

Then we decided that kids were a must, and in 2011 our son Xavier was born. We love his name, but always call him Javi, and he has no idea what his full name is. He is all boy; energy, loudness and the sweetest heart. His sister Keilana made her entrance in 2013, I’m not sure there has ever been a more determined and motivated baby than this little one. They make messes as fast as I clean them, are always underfoot and make me smile a dozen times a day. They’re filling up our big old castle with fingerprints and laughter.

The castle, as we call it, is rarely quiet or clean, but it’s a place of love, learning and laughter. We work on DIY projects, have serious discussions on the front porch with a glass of sangria, tend the gardens, and overall try to be thankful and content for all of God’s blessings. There are so many.

If you’re looking for a well curated, highly informative blog, this probably isn’t it. Instead you’ll find a lot of pictures of cute kids, some musings about the lessons God is teaching me, and a few DIY projects here and there. But, you’re more than welcome to come along for the ride as we live out life in the Castle!


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  1. Andrea PItcher says:


    I finally clicked onto your blog. Been meaning to for awhile but haven’t sat down and done it…why not? It’s so fun to read and see – great blog & photos. WIll be sure to keep up with you this way for sure.

    I’m free for coffee next week – my treat this time. Wed the 10th anytime kids are in school or Thursday we need to be finished by 11ish for me to get to the office. Either of those dates work in your life?

    What museums are you visiting this month? I am an art & museum junkie and would love to know what you’re visiting.

    Great to see your site today – good work

    Andrea Pitcher

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