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We’ve put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into Wendhurst Castle. Our home was built by the developer, who then managed the building of the rest of the smaller homes in our area. Our home literally towers over the smaller ones around us, and is the only stucco home on the street. It is truly our castle! Sadly, the castle was abused by many people over the years, who had horrible ideas like gluing cork sheets on the walls, putting carpet on the ceiling in the basement, and paneling just about everywhere they could.

After two years our castle is slowly being restored to its former glory, and we couldn’t be happier! Here are a bunch of pictures of the “finished” rooms, as well as links to the different projects we accomplished in each of them. Have fun!

Welcome to the castle! This entryway went from dark and scary to light and elegant,  after we installed a new door, removed a fluorescent light fixture, and painted everything a soft blue gray.

The Living Room wasn’t always this light and airy, it took quite a bit of elbow grease and determination to make it this pretty. The day we closed on the house we went back at night and tore out the carpet. Next we removed the cork sheets from the walls, then primed, painted and hung new art. We gave the mantel a facelift and now it is the star of the room!

I’m always reworking something, and the latest is the Dining Room. Check out the latest and greatest in this post!

The kitchen used to be all wood paneling, wood cabinets and awkward counter spaces. While we’ll eventually start from scratch in this room, for now we’ve added a new cabinet, and painted the paneling. It’s really made a difference!

The Master Bedroom is done up in romantic jewel tones. This room’s makeover began immediately, but took about a year until we hung curtains, painted and rearranged the furniture to make the room flow better.

The nursery used to be dark and depressing,  with nicotine coated walls and crazy cork, paneling and a stained ceiling. Now it’s bright and cheery, just perfect for our little boy!

The Guest Room is our pride and joy. We had so much fun with the black and white scheme, and the makeover was definitely the most dramatic in here. We removed bunk beds and green carpet, painted the walls and all the builtin furniture, made curtains, hung more of our photography, and added lots of little black and white accessories to tie it all together.

The Upstairs Bathroom was the very first room we tackled, the week after we bought the house.  We took it from scary and dark to light and fresh in a week’s time by removing the shower doors, painting the brick and the woodwork, and replacing the faucet. We also hung a pretty shower curtain and a new mirror.

Last summer we improved the look of the  Front of House with Project Curb Appeal. We created a master plan, then buckled down and got right to it. Our first project was to replace the dated evergreen bushes, then we painted the front door, planted a flower garden, replaced the porch light, repaired the concrete stairs,  painted the porch and the windowsills, flanked the door with pretty planters and built a new mailbox. Whew!

There are still more rooms to come, so be sure to check back with us often!


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  1. Your house is sooo cute! Live it!

  2. Amanda says:

    I’m in love with your house! You’ve done such a lovely job!

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